Alert: New Sunflower Church will be closing permanently at the end of 2015. Thank you to everyone that helped out.



BMSE Booth 2015

Lessons Learned at BMSE 2015

30 Second Pitch I think I finally got a 30 second pitch for the church figured out. It’s amazing how quick you come up with it after taking to dozens of people. I’ll be incorporating parts of it throughout the website as time goes on. Adult Coloring We put out some simple Mandalas for the… Read more »

Girl Butterfly Nose

More of the Things You Love

New Beginnings Spring is a time of new beginnings. Last April, we redid our website. This year the website stays the same except for a review of content to add what we have learned. This year, the church is looking at leadership. I prayed for passionate board members and they are emerging. Our new board… Read more »

Spring Flowers

New Beginning for Our Website

Spring is a time of new beginnings. Let me explain, flowers are the biggest thing people think about when they think spring. Spring is also a time of new relationships in the animal kingdom. Think cute little animals getting all lovey. It is a time of spring cleaning to refresh our old spaces. That may explain… Read more »

Snow Covered Cross

The Greatest Gift of All

Here is a guest blog post from a friend of the pastor’s wife. I know many do not like winter time with its long dark cold bitter nights. I pondered what could I say about this winter. So I stepped outside and glanced over the snow covered hills. The Spirit seamed to say this is… Read more »

Church Steeple

Comparing Spiritualist Churches

Location. Indianapolis is a pretty unique place with about 4 Spiritualist churches. They are basically all on different sides of the city. So if simply choosing the closest one and going there is enough, then more power to you. Energy. So, you walk in the door and immediately feel something. What do you feel, is it… Read more »

Spirit Messages

Is the Spiritualist Church Boring?

  One of the biggest problems facing churches is a lot of people think, “Church is boring.” This was actually the number on complaint I saw in trying to find out why people don’t go to church. The New Sunflower Church aims to change that. Let me tell you about last Sunday’s service. The message… Read more »