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Spiritual Protection

Enegies flow through everything. Positive things have a high vibration while the opposite is true of negative thoughts, sayings, and actions. To combat these energies, mostly deposited there by man, Spiritual Protection is needed.

The easiest form of Spiritual Protection is surrounding yourself in Holy white light. You can also surround your car, home, or loved ones in the Holy white light. To avoid a common mistake when using the Holy white light, be sure to be totally surrounded including under your feet and above your head.

Some people say that Spiritual Protection is not needed. I understand their line of thinking. Along the lines of: if one thinks there is something to be protected from, one may be attracting that vary thing via the Law of Attraction. The energies we are protecting ourselves from mostly come from other humans. As long as there are other humans, there will be a place for Spiritual Protection.

Spiritual Protection should also be used when doing Spiritual Healing. Spiritual Healing can be looked at as cleansing negative energies and vibrations from the body. To keep that infection from redepositing as you interact with energies throughout your day, use Spiritual Protection.

In more Christian terms, put on the armor of God. [Ephesians 6:10-17]

Other ways to protect yourself from negative energies:

Bonus: Think of an objects inherent purpose. For example, one purpose of the clothing you wear is meant to protect you from sunburn. Enhance that built in purpose and give it a second purpose as far as Spiritual protection is concerned.


I Spiritually protect my car with Holy white light and a travelers angel hanging from the mirror. In a zig zag lane, the car next to mine when straight and crossed over into my lane. That car rubbed my car and kept on going. When I checked for damage, I couldn't find a mark. I attribute the scuff free front side of my car to the Spiritual Protection.

Ryan Johnston
Pastor, New Sunflower Church

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