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Spiritual Healing

Holistic Health Plan

First thing is first, use Spiritual Healing as part of a holistic health plan in conjunction with the medical community. Modern medicine often treats the symptoms or the illness directly. Spiritual Healers treat the whole person to ensure future wellness. God can use anyone for your health; even someone in the modern medical community. Healers should not recommend drugs, herbs, or supplements. By the same token, they should not recommend stopping any of the latter.

God's Healing Power

God is the ultimate healer. Spiritual healing is directing the energy of God to clear ailments from the body. A spiritual healer need not touch you to heal because God will touch you.

It comes natural to some while also being a spiritual gift that others can learn and nurture. Like all gifts of the Spirit, it should be used to give glory to God and spread spiritual virtues. Spiritual healing is loving your neighbor as yourself which is a time tested way to give glory to God.

Types of Spiritual Healing

Suggestive, contact, distance, and spirit healing are the most common healing practices found in the Spiritualist church.

Suggestive Healing. The recipient and healer must cleanse their mind of doubt. Suggestive healing uses positive thoughts to promote healing through the Law of Attraction. The recipient will most likely use affirmations such as, "I am healed, whole, and healthy!" or "Every day in every way, I am getting better and better." One could also ask their DNA to restore itself to its intended state. Thought and high vibrations are powerful. Visualize yourself feeling better than ever before. Keep an aura of hope and cheerfulness. Use the healing prayer to strengthen that attitude. I have also heard it called Attitudinal Healing or changing their attitude.

Contact Healing. In most churches this is called laying on of hands. Actual physical contact assists the healer in transferring healing energy to the recipient. This is the primary method of Spiritual Healing.

Distance Healing. A spiritual healer can heal you over a distance using power lines, lay lines, a packet of light, or roads as the conduit for positive curative energy. You may notice during our healing service that others besides the healer have their hands open and gestured in the direction of the healing recipient. This is a form of distance healing where they are assisting the healer. Distance Healing is also called Absent Healing.

Spirit Healing. Spirit healing is when spirit works on you directly to relieve or correct ailments. One of your five spirit guides is a healer. Spirit can also play a role in letting a human healer know where the ailment lies. Angel healing falls in this category as well. Angel and Spirit healing are both related to other unseen entities working on you and improving your health.

Prayer Healing. One of the easiest things you can do the help someone else is simply to pray for healing. You can pray to God, angels or spirit guides. Ask them to heal the recipient. When you pray you must address everyone that you want to hear the prayer or they will be excluded from the communication as a privacy measure. May also be called Faith Healing.

Crystal Healing. Crystals can also be used in Spiritual healing. Give the crystal the job to absorb negative energies and ailments from the body. Then, clean the crystal in the sun.

Meditative Healing. Use meditation as part of a healthy lifestyle. Yoga has become an integrated part of our society. Also visualize yourself surrounded in green light. Green is the color of healing. You might also want to check out our guided healing meditations from the blog; listed below.

Magnetic Healing. Some people are naturally magnetic or have a superabundance of magnetic energy. These people can use magnetic energy in healing. The danger of magnetic energy is that it can be depleted from the healer.

Self Healing

Healing yourself is very important. Affirmations and positive thoughts used along with prayer and meditation are some of the easiest things you can do for yourself. Find the best time for you. Some people find it easiest in the morning and others find it easier before bed. If not contrary to the advice of your doctor, you might try yoga. It is a very spiritual way to exercise.

Don't discount eating right. Eating less processed foods bring you closer to nature. Foods that align with your weak chakras can strengthen them. For example, radishes are red and a root vegetable. Radishes are great for your root chakra.

Spiritual Protection

In some cases Spiritual Healing is credited with repeatedly healing the same person. In this case, the individual may be subject to negative energies in his or her environment. Everyone should use Spiritual Protection to protect negative energy and prevent future illness, but this is especially true of those with repeated illness.

Healing Meditation Position

The best position for healing is with your feet flat on the floor with your hands in your lap and palms facing up. This is a position of grace which also allows good energy flow.

Pacific Ocean/Cloud Vortex System

Healing Vortex Meditation

I shared a meditation with the church today and it was a big hit. So, I thought I’d also share it with those of you who couldn’t be with us here today in Indianapolis. Find yourself a quiet spot and relax. Notice your breaths as you breathe in and out. The distractions of the world… Read more »