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Spiritual Grounding

When you first get into the Spiritual, your energies change. You may discover that you blow light bulbs when you touch them, reboot computers, or notice other power surges and problems. Get Spiritualy grounded to prevent these type of electrical problems.

Also, stay grounded while doing energy work to keep from feeling drained.

Here are some ways to get grounded:

Guided Tree Root Grounding Meditation

Picture tree roots coming out of you feet and going down 30 feet in the ground. They know when to stop. Picture healing/grounding earth energy coming up your non-dominant side (opposite of the hand you write with). The energy moves up your leg. The energy continues up that side to your shoulder. The energy moves down the bottom of your arm and returns to the shoulder on the top side of your arm. The energy flows over the top of your head and down the dominate side of your neck. The energy flows over the top of your arm and returns under your arm. The energy flows down your torso and leg and back into the ground. Now speed up the energy. Next, have it move really slow. Then, ask it to flow at maintenance level.

For those unable to use their legs, you can also do this with your hands on the ground. Or, use a modern electrical ground with your hands (such as a water pipe/sink/outlet/etc).


Cheryl had a bon fire early in our travels in Spiritualism. We called in all of our past loved ones and guides. After the fire, we dismissed them as was told to me is a must. For a few days, we felt very drained. After discussing it with some Spiritual people, we found out the spiritual grounding was the missing piece.

Ryan Johnston
Pastor, New Sunflower Church

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