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Spiritual Cleansing

Spiritual Cleansing is about clearing away the negative energies you pick up as you go about your daily life. Most of these energies come from other people.

One of the most common applications for Spiritual Cleansing is in a home that has been previously inhabited by someone who died.

Here are some common ways to cleanse negative energies:

Bonus: Think of an objects inherent purpose. For example, one purpose of the clothes washing machine is meant to clean your clothing. Enhance that built in purpose and give it a second purpose as far as Spiritual cleansing. Another good one is whenever you wash your hands or take a shower, ask to also be Spiritually cleansed.


I was staying in a hotel for a convention related to my day job. I decided to try a suggestion that I picked up somewhere and Spiritually clean the hotel room. I forgot my incense, so I just used my hands and carefully pushed everything from the outside of the room out the window. Then, I carefully pushed all the energy from the inside of the room into the hallway. Best night I ever had in a hotel room with one exception, there was a lover's spat in the hallway. I discussed it later with another Spiritualist. I guess I shouldn't have pushed the bad energy into the hallway.

Ryan Johnston
Pastor, New Sunflower Church

Orange Car

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