Alert: New Sunflower Church will be closing permanently at the end of 2015. Thank you to everyone that helped out.


Meditation is a detachment from the physical body. Your mind and soul can go anywhere; whereas, your body always stays in the present. Since you can go anywhere, we recommend that you identify a purpose before beginning meditation. Your purpose will help you choose one of the many ways to meditate:

Jesus frequently retreated to the wilderness and meditated. [Luke 5:16]

At New Sunflower Church, we like to say that prayer is talking to God but meditation is when God talks back. If you need a little help getting the meditation going, you might look into meditation beads.

Forest Trail

Forest Healing Meditation

Palms Toward Spirit. Find a cozy spot for your meditation. I like to sit in a chair, pew, or couch with my feet flat on the ground and my palms facing up. This is a position of grace. Also, with your palms facing up, both your sending and receiving hand are facing up toward the… Read more »

Meditation and Prayer

6 Ways to Center Yourself Faster in Meditation

I was recently asked about ways to center oneself faster during meditation. I thought it would make a great topic to share with all of you. Here are six ways to reach that deep state of meditation faster. The most important thing in meditation is that one thing doesn’t work for everyone. When I wrote… Read more »

World Tree

Where Do You Go When You Meditate?

I was recently reminded that we need to go through certain exercises when we meditate. One of those exercises is going to the same place. If you keep going to the same places when you meditate, your mind knows what you expect to find when you get there. Now to answer the question at hand,… Read more »

Colored Lights

Colored Orb Healing Meditation

  Get into your meditation position. The recommended position is sitting on a chair with your feet flat on the ground. Put your palms face up in your lap as this is a position of grace. I also find that laying in bed is a comfortable meditation position that seems to work for me. I also try to… Read more »


Star Healing Meditation

As you close your eyes, all light fades away. Then sound fades away to silence. You are in outer space. Off in the distance you see a point of light. It’s no bigger than the head of a pin. Then, the point of light begins moving closer. It’s now about the size of a baseball…. Read more »

Rainbow Waterfall

Rainbow Waterfall Rain Healing Meditation

Take a moment to find a quiet spot and relax. Imagine harp music gently playing. It’s a very catchy gentle tune. As you listen to it you drift deeper and deeper into meditation. Once you reach a deep state of meditation, you find yourself in a beautiful meadow. You take a minute to look around and take… Read more »

Pacific Ocean/Cloud Vortex System

Healing Vortex Meditation

I shared a meditation with the church today and it was a big hit. So, I thought I’d also share it with those of you who couldn’t be with us here today in Indianapolis. Find yourself a quiet spot and relax. Notice your breaths as you breathe in and out. The distractions of the world… Read more »

How to become a Spiritualist – 5 P Method

You can use the 5P method to become a Spiritualist. Protection. You have to be protected. Take a minute to close your eyes and see yourself surrounded in white light. Be sure that the white light goes all the way around you, above you, and below your feet. Spiritual Protection alone can change your life… Read more »