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Life Charts

In order for humans to have free will, we plan our lives before it begins. This pre-planning is necessary because there are so many people on the planet and all our lives are intertwined.

Our life charts go hand in hand with a life theme. Sylvia Browne lists those out in a couple of her books. She also says that we have a couple life themes that work with and against each other.

The awesome thing about life charts is when we go through difficult challenges in life, we can attribute it to a challenge that we wanted to experience in this life. In this way, this is one of Spiritulism's philosophies that help keep us healthy and happy. We can petition Mother God for changes to our charts if it ends up being more difficult than we thought.

Since each of us have our own life charts. It is important not to judge others. Each of us choose our life charts and challenges for this lifetime.

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