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Letters to the Universe

The universe was put here by God to serve man. Putting requests in writing gives more intent. Putting intent behind things is a great way to use the Law of Attraction to your advantage.

Prayers are also like letters to the universe. They are a wish and things that you want to come true. This concept extends to any type of wish list:

Letters to the universe don't necessarily have to be to the universe. Here are some good candidates for letters:

Here's how letters to the universe work:

  1. Write a letter.
  2. Use their full name or a blank line if you don't know recipient yet.
  3. Use the Law of Attraction which means putting everything in positive tense.
  4. Describe where you are now.
  5. Write from the heart while remembering to be positive.
  6. Be specific. (See story below)
  7. Thank the universe for a job well done.
  8. Sign your letter, your name is important too.
  9. Optional: Read your letter aloud to give it more intent. In front of a mirror will reflect back even more intent.
  10. Never send the letter. Keep it, burn it, shred it, or leave it in letter book.

If you can sum up your letter in one positive sentence, you can turn it into an affirmation.