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The Greatest Gift of All

Snow Covered Cross

Here is a guest blog post from a friend of the pastor’s wife.

I know many do not like winter time with its long dark cold bitter nights. I pondered what could I say about this winter. So I stepped outside and glanced over the snow covered hills. The Spirit seamed to say this is how it shall be with you someday.
Then He explained. Springtime brings forth new life – you are born. You learn how to walk, talk, and take care of yourself but you depend on others for your nourishment, education and support. In the summer, you produce in life what you have learned. You mature quickly and time flies by so quickly. In the autumn, you feel the toll that life has taken on you as you wither with age. Still brightly covered with the wisdom you may have gained. But some day, if I don’t come back by then, you’ll be covered by the cold earth just like the snow you see here today.
You see… I had spring. I was born in a manger. I had a summer, produced many miracles. I had an autumn, gave wisdom and love, which many rejected. I had a winter, placed in a tomb within the ground.But here is the greatest gift that can be found. It’s what I want you to share. My story did not end there. I rose from My grave to let you know by My Love you shall do the same. We all can give kind words of encouragement and assist others in enhancing their lives with God’s Love.But the greatest gift we can give anyone this season is His Story from beginning to end. Because, those of you who believe in Him shall have everlasting life; and there the Season will have no end.
Guest Blog Post by Marty McCallister

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