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How to Write Great Affirmations

Great affirmations are positive, present tense, sentences that inspire a strong belief. Under the Law of Attraction, once you believe, you receive. Positive Affirmations have to always be positive. I was reading a book last night that was doing it wrong. That book inspired this post. If you write an affirmation like, “I banish all… Read more »


Numerology of the Number Nine

Intro I recently had a dream involving the search for meaning of something that involved the number nine. As I researched the topic, I discovered that the number 9 was the most significant part of this topic. This blog post contains some of the really interesting things I have found. Meaning Universal love Universal Spiritual… Read more »

Spiritual people naturally venture out into many groups of people to find knowledge, wisdom, and especially truth. As we venture into new groups and meet new people, we should know some keys to recognizing harmful groups of people. They lead by fear Examples: “Burn in hell.” “Enemy of church (apostate)” “If you leave, judgement will… Read more »

1. Wind Chimes. Wind chimes are used to ward off evil. Think about how churches have bells and ring the before service. Wind chimes also promote relaxation and peace. 2. Gargoyle. Do you have a Gargoyle statue? Gargoyles are used to ward off evil also. 3. Fountain. A fountain represent the water element. In Feng Shui, the… Read more »