Alert: New Sunflower Church will be closing permanently at the end of 2015. Thank you to everyone that helped out.

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BMSE Booth 2015

Lessons Learned at BMSE 2015

30 Second Pitch I think I finally got a 30 second pitch for the church figured out. It’s amazing how quick you come up with it after taking to dozens of people. I’ll be incorporating parts of it throughout the website as time goes on. Adult Coloring We put out some simple Mandalas for the… Read more »

Girl Butterfly Nose

More of the Things You Love

New Beginnings Spring is a time of new beginnings. Last April, we redid our website. This year the website stays the same except for a review of content to add what we have learned. This year, the church is looking at leadership. I prayed for passionate board members and they are emerging. Our new board… Read more »

Spiritual people naturally venture out into many groups of people to find knowledge, wisdom, and especially truth. As we venture into new groups and meet new people, we should know some keys to recognizing harmful groups of people. They lead by fear Examples: “Burn in hell.” “Enemy of church (apostate)” “If you leave, judgement will… Read more »

As we have been singing a few Christmas carols on our Sunday services, I can’t help but wonder if something spiritual has gotten lost over the years. The original Joy To the World is believed to be written by Issac Watts around 1719. The great news about all these songs is you can sing it wherever you want and not worry… Read more »