Alert: New Sunflower Church will be closing permanently at the end of 2015. Thank you to everyone that helped out.

Sunday Service

Join us Sunday at 11am at 5562 Madison Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46227.

Here's what to expect at the Sunday Service for the New Sunflower Church:

  • Exciting
  • Positive
  • Educational
  • More Spiritual than Religious
  • Centered Around God
  • Dignified Offering

Exciting. Picture this. You are sitting in your chair thinking, "I can't wait for the spiritual healing service." I really need some of God's healing power. You walk away feeling spiritually refreshed, renewed, better than you ever have, and ready for another week in the world. Then, during the break you talk to people about spiritual things that have happened to you over the week. Those things might be from visions, meditations, or something that happened to you. Stories about Guides are particularly funny or exciting. The people of New Sunflower Church give you new insights, ideas, and things to look up on Google. After the break is the main service, where you will raise your vibration with a Holy Spirit inspired message and upbeat music. Then, we pass the bag to you and let you share your thoughts in our original two-way service. It's exciting for us to as we learn from you. Of course we save the best for last. The most exciting part for me whether giving or receiving is the Spirit Communion Service.

Positive. We won't call you a sinner or judge you. We believe we have all written our life charts before we were born and each person choose their life to learn the lessons and try the things that person needed for Spiritual growth. We will share affirmations with you like, “Positive, positive, positive.” We will also share things you can do to improve your spiritual life.

Educational. When we put together our Holy Spirit inspired sermon, Spirit will bake in ways you can apply it. The sooner you join us for Sunday Service, the more you will learn. Each Sermon will continue to build on Spirituality and Metaphysics as a whole.

More Spiritual than Religious. You'll find that we are more spiritual than religious. In Mark 7, Jesus talks about not holding onto human tradition. Our service doesn't have to follow one set tradition after another. Spirit has a tendency to add little things to the service such as a special song. The scripture goes on to talk about evil thoughts coming out of your heart. This is about being positive more than honoring your traditions.  Loving your neighbor is one way to be positive. The Golden Rule is a central principle to Spiritualism and the New Sunflower Church.

Centered Around God. New Sunflower Church is centered around God. During the healing service the healing comes from God, Angels appointed by God, or people with God's power as the source. Our spirit communion is a result of the God given gift of prophecy.

Dignified Offering. When it comes time for the offering in the service, we will say a blessing on the money but we won't pass the collection plate. What? Yeah, the old collection plate has so many issues. I'm sure you can think of a few. We have a lock box in the back of the church. This enables you to give your money discretely without giving anyone the chance to look at your offering amount. We will even bless you if you are unable to give in the offering blessing.

Service Flow

Healing. Our service starts out with healing at 11:00 am Sunday. We'll have up beat music to get your Holy Spirit moving, raise your vibration, and that of our healer. Then, we'll have healing prayer and the laying on of hands. If you prefer not to participate in the laying on of hands, we will also do individual meditations and of course you can always stay in your seat. Then we'll share a healing prayer list, if Spirit hasn't hidden it that week, and send out positive vibrations to those on the list and beyond. Let's also send out healing to the prayer lists of other churches.

Worship. Our Worship service will also include up beat contemporary christian music to get your vibration high and let you feel that Holy Spirit within. Goosebumps, anyone? We'll have a Holy Spirit inspired message which will likely include a few verses with metaphysical interpretation of the Bible or other Scripture. We'll pass the bag and let you share your thoughts on the message in our original two-way sermons [Luke 6:40]. Then, we'll bless the offering and update you on announcements.

Spirit Communion. We'll give messages from Spirit to those present. These are the kind of messages that give you a heads up in your daily life and give you an edge in your daily life as you work through the coming week. Spirit messages are usually fun too because Spirit tends to express itself in a way that only Spirit can. Spirit Communion is a way to prove that life continues after death. Then, we'll close with a prayer.

You'll have to join us to really get a feel for the Sunday Service. Join Us this Sunday at 11 am and check our Service Schedule for holidays and special events.

What to Wear

Feel free to wear whatever you want. It is more important that you adorn yourself with good deeds than expensive clothing. [See also 1 Timothy 2:8-10]

What about my kids?

We love children. We welcome them in the main auditorium during service. The pastor is very allowing of children during the service as his own children have been there since the beginning. We have just found better ways to help them keep quiet during service over time. The current working strategy is cell phone video games and educational handheld video games.