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Spiritual Church Definitions

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Akashic Records.
Records of every thought, action, and feeling since the beginning of the world, including pictures. Many believe you can access these in certain states of consciousness such as meditation.
A repeatable saying which serves to remind you of a truth. Affirmations are a tool to keep your vibration high and attract only positive. A Bible verse could be used as an affirmation.
An intersection between this word and the spiritual world. In the Christian world, you come to the alter for prayer, healing, or salvation. Any place or surface can become an alter if you give it that purpose and treat it respectfully.
A natural object that has been given a job such as protection or bringing luck. An amulet is a type of talisman.
A visual paranormal appearance of a spirit entity or ghost. This can happen anywhere at anytime. Some believe that apparitions appear out of motivation to give an urgent message.
Comes from French and it has to do with objects moving via spirit.
Astral Body.
The etheric body connected via the astral cord. See also Higher Self.
Astral Cord.
A cord from your belly button up to the sky and back to the other side (Astral Plane).
Astral Entryways.
When you begin your meditation, you will instinctively know how to enter the other side (Astral Plane). Some people ascend via stairs, elevators, or climbing a rope. Some people descend via a subway tunnel, basement stairs, or a tunnel. I have a meditation where I go into a room that is all wood. It is a clean room where you leave all worries and dirt from the physical world. Then, I go through a smaller door to the world tree. Sylvia Browne does a guided meditation where you pass through a meadow. You should follow the same path back when you return from meditation.
Astral Plane.
The other side or a place occupied by spirits and nature entities. Also known as higher planes of existence, beyond the veil, and the other side. Where we go when we die.
Astral Projection.
Projecting your spirit self to another place or time. You can go through the other side to get to the other location quicker. People in a coma or sleepign have been known to Astral Project. It can also be called astral travel. See also  astral travel.
Astral Travel.
See Astral Projection.
The layer of air surrounding earth and other celestial bodies. This can be likened to an aura for a planet.
Angels are a concept that appear in every religion. They are God's helpers. See also,  spirit communion.
Announcing Dream.
A dream in which an unborn child will come to it’s mother and announce itself. This dream may consist of the baby telling the mother the name by which it wishes to be called.
A layer of energy around the human body. The colors of the aura can indicate emotions or illness. The aura appears to shrink to nothing near the time of death. This may indicate that the aura is more closely related to the soul which also leaves at the time of death.
Automatic Writing or Drawing.
One of the ways a medium communicates with the spirit world. The medium's writing arm is controlled by spirit intelligence to bring us knowledge or drawings/art from the other side of the veil. Able to start and stop the dictation as necessary.
In modern times, an avatar is used as an image representing you on various websites. An avatar can also be the body your spirit uses while on earth. I first heard this term used this way relating to Jesus being God actually coming to earth. God used Jesus as an avatar.
Axis Mundi.
Like the world tree in shamanism, the axis mundi connects heaven and earth. See also, Astral Cord.


Spiritually, asking the Holy Spirit to enter you. Or Physically, through immersion in water. See also,  spiritual baptism.
One of the Holy scriptures inspired by God. It is primarily used in Christian faiths. The Bible is a book of anecdotal stories. You need the Holy Spirit to discern the wheat from the chaff. Some of the most spiritual books relating to Spiritualism are Corinthians and Ephesians.
The ability to exist in two places at once. This could refer to us being here and also at the same time our higher self is on the other side. It could also refer to astral projection.
Book of Mormon.
A sacred text found in 1827 buried on a hill in the state of New York, United States. It was written on golden brass plates. It is primarily used in the Mormon religion of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.
Black Magic.
Magic undertaken with evil intentions. The dangers of black magic are Karma and attracting negative through the Law of Attraction. The ugly old evil witch is ugly because she is evil.


Wax items with a wick for burning. Candles attract spirits like a month to a flame, because they can see the flame.
Energy centers on the body. The concept of chakras comes from Hindu beliefs. Some are able to see chakras. Charkas should be worked on from the root chakra up to the crown chakra for optimal performance. See also Root Chakra, Sacral Chakra, Solar Plexus, Heart Chakra, Throat Chakra, Third Eye, Crown Chakra.
A form of mediumship where the medium serves at intermediary between the spirit and this world. Channeling may involve the spirit using the mediums voice or body. See also,  spirit communion.
When you think of a church, you probably think of the building or place where you meet. The building is not the church. The church is the people that make it up.
In spiritual activities, a circle symbolizes equality. The knights of the round table were considered equal in discussions at the table.
A Spiritual Gift to see beyond what most people are able to see. A Clairvoyant may see an image in a reading and also provide an interpretation of that image.
A Spiritual Gift to hear beyond what most people are able to hear. You may run into some noisy spirits much like the Fox sisters with their table rapping spirit.
The ability to sense spirit entities or even the energies of the living. It can also be called impressional mediumship and closely relates to empathy. A good exercise to practice this is to sit in a chair with your back to the room. Ask an unknown individual to come up behind you. See what energies you can pick up from that individual.
Cold Spots.
Cold chills, cooler spots, or breezes associated with spirit energy.
Colors mean a lot of things in different areas of spiritual endeavors.
Partaking in the body and blood of Christ. This can be out of remembrance for Jesus as specified in the Bible or taking to extremes with transmogrification.
Deliberately altering your mental state to focus your attention.
Contact Healing.
A costume can be used to take on attributes of what you are imitating. It can also be used as a disguise when journeying. An example of a spiritual practice including a costume is the Native American use of feathers. A mask may also be used in lieu of a full costume.
Cross Quarter Days.
Days midway between the Solstices and Equinoxes. Ground Hog Day, May Day, August 1st, and Halloween are all cross quarter days. These days represent days when the veil between the two worlds is thinner.
Crown Chakra.
The highest chakra located on top of the head. The crown chakra is associated with the color purple and spiritual knowledge, wisdom, and awakening from the other side.
Coined by Professor Charles Richet this word covers all the mental phases of mediumship such as clairvoyance and clairaudience.
Crystal Gazing.
See Scrying
See Stones.
When one person has used their intent or ritual to hurt another person. Curses are in your mind. Through the Law of Attraction, you believe bad things will happen to you and so they do.


Death-bed Visions.
It is often reported that someone on their death bed sees there deceased loved ones. We don't die alone. Our loved ones come and help us through crossing over.
Declaration of Principles.
In Spiritualist churches, we have a Declaration of Principles. The Declaration of Principles are a listing of our core beliefs. This is somewhat like a Divine Doctrine Policy at churches of some other denominations. At New Sunflower Church, we have taken the extra step to include some Bible verses to help you understand each principle and relate it back to God's word. See Our Principles for principles and interpretation.
Disappearance of materials or objects, including people. If the object re-appears somewhere else, it is known as an asport.
Direct Voice.
See Trumpeting.
See Higher Self.
Realistic events experienced during sleep. Dreams can be memories of past lives, astral travels with others, prophecies of the future, a release of emotion, or something worth dismissing.
Dream Catcher.
A spiritual tool believed to catch the bad dreams and let the good dreams through the hole in the center. The bad dreams are destroyed by the sun when the sun comes up.
The sound of drums helps with focus and clearing the mind so that one can bridge the physical and spiritual.


Earthbound Entity.
A ghost who has not yet crossed over. The difference between a ghost and a spirit is that a ghost walks on the ground. A spirit floats a couple feet above the ground.
A substance often seen in movies which is the physical manifestation of spirit entities. It is also seen in many early 20th century seance photographs. None has been able to be collected for scientific analysis. It comes from the Greek meaning outside-plasma.
Being sensitive to or aware of others emotions without them telling you. For early empaths, this may be experienced as having feelings and not knowing why, only to find out later that someone else was having that feeling.
Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP).
Recorded voices of spirits/ghosts via electronic means. Frequently seen on ghost hunter television shows.
Entering the Silence.
A short period of silence, meant for meditation or raising your vibration, as part of a spiritualist church service.
A generic word for an individual. It can refer to someone who is living or dead. It can also refer to other individuals such as angels, fairies, or spirits.
One who seeks union with the divine, but also wants to learn all about it along the way.
All things non-physical. Basically includes everything from the other side of the veil.
Etheric body.
See Higher Self.
Etheric plane.
See Astral Plane.
Etheric Studies.
Studies of spiritual things.
Evil Spirits.
Spirits are just like us. It is more common to come across a ghost that doesn't know they are dead who is angry because they don't know what is going on.
Extra Sensory Perception (ESP).
See Sixth Sense.


Believing without logical proof. The science of Spiritualism seeks to offer more proof of spiritual matters. Mentioned as one of the spiritual gifts in 1 Corinthians 1-12. For more see our topic page on  spiritual gifts.
A spiritual concept where one does not eat as part of a cleansing or respect for God. Mahatma Gandhi often fasted to bring peace to India.
Much like church is not the building but the people. Fellowship is when those believers get together to share their thoughts and recent lessons. Fellowship is important because you can grow closer to God faster when you do it with others.
Feng Shui.
The art of arranging objects and furniture for the best positive energy flow. A few key concepts include plants bring good energy and the use of mirrors to reflect energy.
Flame Message.
Holding an index card over a candle flame. The card should barely touch the flame, because if you press too hard you will put the candle out. Move the card in directions that seem random to you and stop when you feel it is time to stop. Interpret the resulting image. Be careful because the image will smudge. The image can be preserved with hair spray.
Full Trance.
When the veil was thicker you had to go deeper into meditation to communicate with the spiritual world. We have had several awakenings and thinnings of the veil. Full trance is a condition where a medium's consciousness is subjected to a spirits influence.


See Stones.
Someone who has died and has not crossed over. A ghost walks on the ground whereas a spirit is a couple feet above the ground. A ghost may not know they are dead. You may also sense a sadness or negative energy about a ghost whereas a spirit is more subject to picking up our emotions than we are to theirs.
God is Infinite Intelligence (Omniscient). He is Omnipresent and Omnipotent. God is made up of the Holy Trinity. The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Some liken the Holy Spirit to Mother God. So, let's look at it this way: the Holy Trinity is Father God, Mother God, Jesus. Since God is everywhere, God overlaps even each of us. That part of God that overlaps us is the Holy Spirit.
Golden Rule.
A rule that says we should first love ourselves and then treat others as we want to be treated. See also,  Golden Rule.
Speaking in tongues unknown to the medium. The bible defines this as a spiritual gift. It is usually accompanied by another with a gift to interpret the unknown language. For more on spiritual gifts see 1 Corinthians 12 1-11 or our topic page on  spiritual gifts.
See Spirit Guides.


Disturbances usually attributed to the paranormal and ghosts. These disturbances can be objects moving, sounds, smells, lights, and apparitions. Haunting are frequently attributed to those who have suffered a violent death.
See Spiritual Healing.
Heart Chakra.
A chakra located in the center of the chest. This chakra is associated with the color green and love, emotions, balance, and unity. This chakra is also associated with the sound Yam.
Natural plant material used to season food or in other spiritual activities. Example: Burning sage is considered to spiritually clean and protect.
See Curses.
Higher Self.
A human soul is so large that not all of it can come to earth and occupy a body at once. The part that remains behind is known as the higher self. It is also sometimes called the inner self. In the Law of Attraction the higher self is charged with giving us the emotional guidance system.
Holy Spirit.
Because God is everywhere, part of God overlaps our Body and Soul. That part is the Holy Spirit. You must ask to be  baptized in the holy spirit.


Imprint Haunting.
Ghosts revisiting the same day over and over again.
Spoken Affirmations.
A scented stick used in spiritual cleansing and protection.
Independent Voice.
The power to produce spirit voice without the aid of physical means. [Luke 9:34-35]
Infinite Intelligence.
See Omniscient.
Infused Knowledge.
Knowledge that comes from spirit rather than your memory. Infused knowledge is usually put directly into your mind without the need for a meditation.
See Spirit Guides.
Inner Eye.
See Third Eye.
Inner Self.
See Higher Self.
Trusting your gut. This may actually be knowledge coming from your higher self. In Law of Attraction, doing what makes your positive emotions come out is in line with your higher self.
Instrumental TransCommunication (ITC).
When a spirit uses an electronic device to communicate with us. These devices could include televisions, radios, telephones, tablets, computers, and other devices.


Joy Guide.
Usually a very young looking spirit guide tasked with lightheaded pranks and bringing you joy. The Joy guide may hide things for you to find.


A concept that could simply be put, “what goes around comes around.” This concepts primarily comes from Buddhism and Hinduism. Karma is far more creative at revenge than we are. Just wait when you are wronged and see what Karma comes up with. It is very closely related to the Law of Attraction. You may also be interested in our topic  Karma.
Kirlian Photography.
Aura photography invented by Semyon and Valentina Kirlian.
A yoga concept that activates the chakras. It states that psychic energy is stored at the base of the spine (root chakra) and yoga releases that energy up through the rest of chakras.


Law of Attraction.
Universal law stating that you get back what you put out there. The energy you attract starts with your thoughts, continues with words and actions. See topic page for more on  Law of Attraction.
Laws of Nature.
See Natural Law.
Laying on of Hands.
A healing touching someone to heal them. See references to Jesus healing in the Bible. It is also important to note that touch is not required for healing. A woman was healed by touching the hem of Jesus clothes. He also healed entire crowds. Jesus does speak frequently of faith being required for healing.
Letter to The Universe.
A letter written with the intent of attracting something from the universe. See topic page for more on  Letters to the Universe.
A form of physical mediumship meaning to rise into the air or float and defy the law of gravity. D. D. Home was a medium famous for levitation.
Ley Lines.
Ley Lines are lines on the earth the connect major Spiritual places. Ley lines can be used like power lines to send energy over large distances.
Animals, Plants, and insects are considered living by most. Everything is in a constant state of change. We should also consider the possibility that other things that are in a constant state of change are living.
Life Chart.
A plan for your life made before you came to earth. See also,  life charts.
Lower Astral.
Part of the spirit world (or other side) that is closest to earth. This is where earthbound ghosts are located.
Luminous Body.
A term describing the glowing of the spirit body or soul.


Using spells, charms, or rituals to produce desired effects. Scientifically, the ingredients in the spells and potions have been proven to do have no supernatural ability. However, the spells and potions are perceived to work. We attribute this to the Law of Attraction. Another thing we can learn from magic and the Law of Attraction is that when we write words, we are spelling. Our words are very powerful. Most ancients practiced magic in some form.
Magnetic Healing.
Using an abundance of energy in a healer passed to another individual or animal which causes healing to take place. See also,  spiritual healing.
Magnetic Phenomena.
People manipulating compass needles, magnets, and other magnetized items in scientific experiments.
Meditation is a step beyond prayer. Prayer is when you talk to God. Meditation is when God talks to you. You can also use Meditation to talk to Spirit Guides, Totem Animals, or go on quests to learn more about yourself or Spiritual things. You may also be interested in our topic on  meditation
A power to bring things from the Spirit world into our tangible world. This may also indicate a spiritual being coming into a visible form. It is one of the more difficult skill of a medium to master. If a materialized entity walks, moves, and talks, it is considered a very successful materialization. Incidents of fraud have done this phenomenon great harm; however, laboratory investigations have proven this phenomenon to be genuine.
Matter Through Matter.
This is as simple as it sounds. Solid objects passing through other objects. Examples: Item inside a sealed jar or locked container is removed without opening. Clothing that is sewed shut has been removed from mediums. Rings of various materials have been linked together. Items have passed through tables. Items have passed through doors to the rooms where mediums are working.
A person sensative to the vibrations of the Spirit world. Spirits can even communicate with people that aren’t mediums if they have a strong connection with the person.
An early from of hypnotism named after Anton Mesmer who discovered it. The medical community has discredited his work and a newer form of hypnotism is now sometimes used.
A teacher of spiritual things. A minister tends to the needs of the people of the church. A church will likely have several ministers depending on the size of the church. Being a minister comes with several privileges like performing weddings and funerals.
Mind Reading.
See Telepathy.
Events that can not be explained through Natural Law and believed to be set into motion by God Himself. It is far more common for events to be explained through Natural Law.
One concerned with finding the most direct path to God.


Name Quest.
A meditation to find your soul's name.
Natural Law.
Laws such as the Law of Attraction that are constant much like the Law of Gravity. Natural Law accounts for many things that are often considered supernatural, thus making them only supernormal. There are quite a few Natural Laws and we offer a class in this topic.
Newspaper Tests.
Newspaper tests were devised to eliminate the possibility that telepathy could explain Spirit Communication. These test involved getting Names and Dates that had not yet been published in specific columns of the newspaper.
The study of hidden meanings of numbers and how they can give us greater understanding of our human lives. You may also be interested in our topic on  numerology


It means present everywhere at the same time and throughout all time. It is usually used to refer to God. One example is how God is with each one of us. How could he be with each one of us, unless he were everywhere at the same time. Another way of looking at this is, we are all inside God.
It means all powerful. God's power knows no limits. God created everything and therefore has power over everything.
It means knowing everything at the same time. Usually used to refer to God. Very closely related to God's name of Infinite Intelligence.
A form of possession in which a spirit will control a body without entering it. Usually done by earth bound spirits. Person begins to act more and more like oppressing spirit.
Out of Body Experience.
See Astral Projection.
A milder form of allowing a spirit to control the mediums body. Overshadowing is useful to limit the influence of the spirit entity. We are in control and spirit entities are not to be feared. We can give them as much or as little control as we wish.


Study of lines on the hand and how they influence out lives.
Movement of objects with a slight touch which would normally not be enough to move it or explain this phenomenon.
Beyond the normal experience but falling within natural law.
This means Shepard. Like a Shepard that guides his sheep, a pastor teaches and guides his church. The pastor of the church also usually oversees the board.
A weight suspended from a short cord. A necklace could be a pendulum in a pinch. Hold it above your hand. Then, you can ask a pendulum to swing forward/back for yes and left/right for no. It is believed to work through the energies of the medium, hence the placing of it above your other hand.
German word meaning, “Noisy Ghost”. A ghost is someone that doesn't know they are dead. Not knowing you are dead can be very upsetting.
Power Animals.
See Totem Animals.
Prayer is when you talk to God or other spirit entities. Sometimes people pray on their knees to show reverence to God. Prayer can be mental or verbal. God can hear all prayers but you must specifically allow other spirit entities to hear your prayers. This might be done to include Mother God, Angels, or Spirit Guides in your prayers. They are the ones specifically sent here to help you, so you may experience better results by including them in your prayers.
See Prophecy.
A Spiritual Gift to see the future. For more on spiritual gifts see 1 Corinthians 12 1-11 or our topic page on  spiritual gifts.
This is touching an object and picking upon the energy imprints left by the objects history. The history is unknown to the person touching the object. It literally means soul-measuring. This may manifest as visions of the past.
Psychic Art.
An artist closes their eyes and uses and intuitiveness to draw the likeness of a spirit entity. See also, Automatic Writing.
Psychic Healing.
See Spiritual Healing.
Psychic Intruders.
When the thoughts of a medium are confused with vibrations from the other side.
Psychic Pollution.
Human vibrations that hang around cities like air pollution.


One of the Holy scriptures inspired by God. It is primary used in the Islamic religion.


Modern Spiritualism got its start when the Fox sisters heard raps on a table. Raps can range anywhere from soft taps to loud taps. The Fox sisters used it as a form of communication with the spirit world. Two taps for no and one tap for yes.
Incarnation is the process of your soul entering your body. This happens at birth. So, this is the belief that your soul can enter multiple bodies. Most commonly referred to as past lives. Evidence and memories for past lives is revealed in hypnotism, dreams, meditation, and via mediums.
Something previously unknown disclosed in a dramatic manner via the spirit world.
Pastor is not a big fan of the term reverend. Revered is used once in the Bible and it refers to God. Only God should be revered. We should use minister in place of reverend.
Root Chakra.
A chakra located at the base of the spine which by extension includes your legs. This chakra is represented by the color of red and represents your connection to earth. This chakra must be in order first to give the other chakras a good base. This chakra is also associated with the sound Vam.
Rocks with symbols carved on them. A spiritual tool. The word "rune" means "secret" or "something hidden".


Sacred Writings.
Any of the many sacred books and texts. All are important and none is more important that another. Absolute Truth can be found in any of the texts. Examples: Bible, Book of Mormon, Vedas, and Qur'an.
A spiritual gift to see things in reflective surfaces such as a bowl of water, dark window, or mirror.
Another name for someone who is clairvoyant. What we find with spiritual things is that they were observed all over the world before we communicated on the internet. As such you may find terms that mean the same thing but have different names.
Sacral Chakra.
This chakra is located just below your naval. This chakra is associated with the color orange, creativity, sexuality, empathy, and relationships. This chakra is also associated with the sound Lam.
French word for, “Session”. Now used almost exclusively for sessions of trying to get in touch with the spiritual.
A spiritual leader in certain tribal groups. A shaman acts as a medium and performs rituals for healing and control over natural events.
Hebrew word used to evoke the radiance of the divine. Also, related to the original name of Spiritualism before 1852.
A person other than the medium at a sitting.
Sixth Sense.
Attributed to the ability to sense things beyond the normal. Calling it a sense reinforces the fact that anyone can do it.
Solar Plexus.
A chakra located behind the stomach. If you feel sick during spiritual activities or want to block a medium, you can cover your solar plexus to slow or stop the flow of energies. This chakra is associated with the color yellow and personal power. When working with chakras, you should start with the root chakra and work you way up to get all working together. This chakra is also associated with the sound Ram.
The spirit entity within your body. When the body dies, the soul lives on. Some consider spirit and soul to be the same thing. The Egyptians thought of them as different things.
Soul's Name.
The name of your soul. You will have names for each body as you incarnate. Your soul will have another name. It may be a name you recognize, a foreign language name, or just a sound. The meditation to find your soul's name is called a name quest. Knowing your soul's name may give another power over you. Also called, your true name.
Speaking in Tongues.
See Glossolalia.
Old fashion word for ghost. This word may imply that the ghost is visible. See Ghost.
Spectral Displacement.
See Astral Projection.
Spirit Communion.
Part of our church service where we get messages from God and other spirits. See our topic page also,  spirit communion.
Spirit Guides.
Spirit guides are entities on the other plane that help you in life. The help they offer could be protection, energy, knowledge, or simply guidance. You have 5 core guides. They are master teacher, teacher, protector/guardian, doctor, and a Joy guide. As you become more advanced spiritually, you get additional guides because you will need more advanced guides to teach you new things. See also,  spirit communion.
Spirit Photography
. This is simply a spirit entity showing up in a photograph. Mediums have been known to find “extras” on their photographs of specific events. Try this, take a photo of yourself in a dark room in front of a reflective surface such as a window, mirror, or powered off TV screen.
Spiritual Gifts.
Simply summed up as gifts that come from the Holy Spirit. There is a good listing in 2 Corinthians. The greatest Spiritual gift is the gift of prophecy. See also,  spiritual gifts.
Spiritual Healing.
This is healing of physical, mental, or spiritual ailments that comes from God. In holistic healing, it is used in conjunction with a traditional doctor of modern medicine. Also called Laying on of Hands which is a spiritual gift. For more on spiritual gifts see 1 Corinthians 12 1-11 or our topic page on  spiritual healing.
Spiritual Maturity.
Maturity in spiritual matters is an unattainable state. We live in a world where there is spiritual information scattered throughout books and the internet. We can never find it all. The hardest part is seeking what you don't know is there. If you believe you have achieved maturity you may stop seeking what you don't know is there. A good start toward maturity is seeking to learn about natural laws.
Spiritual Quests.
Exercises you undertake, usually while meditating. Some examples include finding your soul's name or finding your totem animal.
A religion to bring you closer to God and things of the spirit world. One way it brings you closer you must do good to raise your vibration. It strives to adhere with all laws: physical, Spiritual, and mental.
A philosophy which looks to past philosophers and corroborates the stories that have been handed down over the ages. It speculates on philosophical concepts including but not limited to the existence of the immortal soul and Plato's Theory of forms on the other side of the veil. It delivers to the modern day logical findings of what must be true concerning man's present and future.
A science which tests scientific phenomena of communicating between two worlds. We communicate with the other side to become closer to God and to find absolute truth.
Spiritualist Healer.
One who considers themselves a Spiritualist and has the natural or taught spiritual gift of healing. Healing is usually done through laying on of hands but can also be sent out through meditations.
Step In.
When a second soul enters a body to finish the lifetime. This can be due to a near death experiene or other tramatizing event. One can request a Step In if life is more difficult than expected.
An event that is unexplainable because it violates natural law and our understanding of the universe like physics. Supernatural events are often attributed to miracles.
See Paranormal.
A cut but you never saw a blade. Specifically relating to showing the wounds of Jesus. It can be a confirmation that a spirit message is true.
Stones, Gems, and Crystals.
Natural items from the earth carried in one's pocket gain characteristics of the item.
Using symbols to represent concepts and beliefs. Example: Wearing a cross necklace to identify as a Christian. It is also a concept used by mediums where spirit communicates with symbols.
When events seem to line up perfectly to achieve a goal. Usually recognized best when looking back in hind sight. Sometimes called the Law of Synchronicity as it relates to natural law.
Mixing multiple senses together. For example: feeling sounds and colors or hearing colors. This could be a great skill in the arts. Those with this ability may be called synesthetes.


Hebrew Holy Book.
Movement of objects with no touch whatsoever from a physical being. It is believed that the object is either moved through the mind or a spiritual being. This phenomenon is very common and can range from a small movement to levitation of very heavy objects.
A term originating from the work of F. W. H. Myers during research into theories of thought transference. Myers defined telepathy as "transmission of thought independently of the recognized
channels of sense." Telepathy is believed to work through a medium picking up the vibrations from an individual to pick up those thoughts.
Third Eye.
A chakra located on the forehead. This chakra is associated with the color indigo and seeing either psychically or physically. This chakra is also associated with the sound Om. Also called the brow chakra.
Throat Chakra.
This chakra is located at the base of the neck. This chakra is associated with the color blue and communication and creativity. This chakra is also associated with the sound Ham.
Totem Animals.
It's kind of like an animal Spirit Guide. See also,  Spirit Communion.
A deep meditative state.
When a mediums face changes to look like a spirit.
When spirit voice is produced it may have some trouble getting through the veil. Therefore, it will come through somewhat quiet. Trumpeting aids that process by amplifying the spirit voice.
When enough people believe in something it will become real. A tulpa is a manifestation of thoughts becoming real. Examples: Santa Claus, Big Foot/Sasquatch, Loch ness monster, etc.
Tutelary Animals.
See Totem Animals.


Sacred texts brought to us by Hinduism in India. Considered the oldest books in India and possibly the world.
Everything has a vibration. Everything good has a high vibration. A High vibration brings you closer to God and things of the Spirit plane. See also,  High Vibration.
Using your minds eye to see what you desire. This could be a tool for meditation or attracting something under the Law of Attraction.


White Magic.
Magic undertaken with good intentions. The benefits of white magic are good Karma and attracting good back to yourself through the Law of Attraction. The beautiful good witch is beautiful because she is good.
World Tree.
A tree that connects heaven and earth in shamanism. The world tree is a place where you can go to begin a meditation.
Acknowledging God is omnipotent and omnipresent in your heart. Most people think of this as singing songs that praise God. You can also worship God through your actions by following the ways of God.


A combination of speaking in tongues and automatic writing. Writing in tongues unknown to the medium. See also, Automatic Writing
X-Ray Vision.
Some healers claim to be able to see the areas and organs which need attention. It helps them with their gift. Those able to read messages through sealed envelopes have also claimed x-ray vision at times.

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