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Spiritual Healing Step By Step

Masked Doctor

Spiritual Healing Disclaimer

New Sunflower church and our healers are not medical specialists capable of diagnosing or prescribing. We are advanced energy healers and channel healing energies from God which facilitate healing. We can neither be responsible for nor can we guarantee the form the healing may or may not take. Our holistic healing sessions are not a substitute for conventional medical treatment. This holistic healing work is based on spiritualism. Those taking part in holistic healing sessions acknowledge that this healing work is primarily faith-based and are willing to participate and learn for their own personal growth and spiritual holistic healing. Any monies donated do not guarantee a specific outcome.

As the opening hymn is sung and the healing service begins, I stand in the back of the church with my eyes closed and my palms up. This is a position of grace. I surround myself with the white light. Then I put on a suit of armor [See Also, Romans 13:12]. Finally, I put on a wrist guard. My wrist guard is a plane of protective white light that bisects the wrist at a 90 degree angle. Negativity, sickness, and other low vibrations will not be able to pass the wrist guard and travel up my arm. Like most Spiritual things, Spiritual Healing begins with Spiritual Protection.

I get myself totally relaxed. When they play the healing song during the laying on of hands, I raise my vibration. I look through my 3rd eye. I see my master healer Thomas Alexander. He is in scrubs, face mask, booties, and a stethoscope around his neck. He’s ready for the work at hand. I tell him good morning, say a little prayer, and thank him for being there with me.

When someone sits in the healing chair, I once again close my eyes and have my palms up. This time Thomas shows me a picture of the person in need of healing as a full body scan similar to what they use in the airports. It is in two colors: green shows me what is healthy and red shows me areas that need healing. I start by placing my hand atop their head in the area of the crown chakra. Thomas says this helps the body receive the healing energy. I lay my hands on the red area to heal it with healing energy that comes directly from God. I touch and release, touch and release. I shake my hands downward to send the negative energy back to the earth such that it will be returned to earth and be used how God sees fit. After I have touched all the red areas, I place both hands above their head and sprinkle healing energy over their whole body. This healing energy covers the things difficult to detect and adds additional protection and healing throughout the week.

Healing starts with thoughts. The healer and the healed must believe in the healing that rains down from God. In Luke 8:50 NIV “Jesus said to Jairus, ‘Don’t be afraid; just believe, and she will be healed.’ ”

In Spiritual Healing, like most things, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. To prevent low vibrations from coming into your life you should stay positive and keep your vibration high.


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