Alert: New Sunflower Church will be closing permanently at the end of 2015. Thank you to everyone that helped out.

Spiritual Healing

Looking for a Private Healing?

Many acts of Spiritual Healing occurred in the Bible. Some of the healing Jesus preformed include lepers, people with seizures, a blind man, and a¬†shriveled¬†hand. You can heal yourself by asking the healing energy of God to flow through you. You can also heal others by asking for God’s healing energy to flow through you and then to them.

Contact us or call us with your name, contact details, and daytime telephone number. A healer will contact you to arrange a convenient appointment at the church for your private healing.

Certified Healers

Trisha Johnston

Certified through New Sunflower Church

Trisha is also a Spiritual Healer at New Sunflower Church during our Sunday service.

For more information see our topic page for Spiritual Healing.

Our Minister Cheryl Hancock was seeing a doctor for a heart condition. The doctor found a complete blockage in an small artery just above the heart. The artery was too small for surgery and the doctor put her on cholesterol medicine as a last resort. Cheryl saw Elaine over at All My Relations here in Indianapolis, IN. Elaine did a healing and thought she felt the blockage move. At Cheryl's next check up, the blockage was completely gone. As in Cheryl's case, Spiritual Healing should always be used in conjunction with a doctors care.