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Spiritual Cleansing and Protection for Your Car

Orange Car

Spiritual Cleansing

Start with a cleansing. The most common method of Spiritual cleansing is smudging. Do the smudging by passing some sage or incense through all the spaces in the car. Be sure to get the glove box, trunk, and any other storage areas. If you do the engine compartment, please do it with the engine off and be careful.


Spiritual Protection

Every-time you get in your car, surround the car in the Holy White Light. I’ve also heard it called the Christ Light. The Spiritual Protection here is dual purpose, it protects you from accidents and it also protects the car from mechanical malfunction or break down.

If you are not comfortable with visualizing white light or protection, you can ask for protection from your Angels and Guides. Again, if you are comfortable with more traditional protection, you could also use a Protection Prayer:

Bless this car, driver, and all who ride in it,
may the wheels run true and engine purr,
in traveling on the roads, may I be ever alert,
moving safely from my start, to my destination.

Bless this car, driver and all who ride in it,
with good common sense and responsible actions,
keeping safe, those within and those outside this car.
May safety and sobriety bless this car always.


Another alternative is to set a ward. I’ve used an angel figurine as a ward before. It’s simple. You just give the figurine a job. You give it the job to protect the car. One neat thing I saw that will look good and function is a visor clip of the Archangel St Michael.

One of my favorites is crystals and gemstones. I like this one because I think you want something that is as beautiful and functional. You can hang something like this from your rear view mirror. I like the placement on the mirror because it is at the center and high. I feel like that gives it access to the entire interior of the car. God gave us crystals to store energy. Give them the job to absorbing bad vibes and cleansing itself in the sun.

When I park my car, I also surround it with the white light again. Beep the horn and set the security system. Then, set the Spiritual protection system. Let’s go one step further that Spiritual Protection though. Let’s tie in the power of positive thinking. The last thing you want to do is think that you are going to go out and have an issue. Set the protection, keep up on maintenance, and forget it. You think positive from there on out. You visualize yourself getting to your destination safe and sound, no issues.



It’s like we always say with Spiritual Healing: Do the Spiritual Healing, but see your doctor. The same applies to Spiritual things and your ride. Do the Spiritual Cleaning and Protects, but continue to see your mechanic.



Point your car away from your house. Feng Shui says that sharp points put off negative energy. By pointing your car away from your house, the point on the front of the car can send energy away from your home.


Update 02-22-2014:

I’ve been on the lookout for more ways to protect and cleanse your car. Here are a couple more ideas:

        A Spiritual window cling is an idea for protecting your car. You can pick up a window cling at a metaphysical store.


  • Auto Rosary is a another idea for protecting your car. You can pick up an auto Rosary at a Christian book store.


Ryan grew up in a Baptist church. Throughout his high school years, he was heavily involved in youth group and leadership group at a Christian Missionary Alliance church. Ryan was pictured in his Junior yearbook with a Bible and a message about studying to be a preacher. Now, Ryan is Pastor/President, Minister, Certified Healer, and Certified Medium through New Sunflower Church. Ryan specializes in clairvoyance and tarot cards.

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