Alert: New Sunflower Church will be closing permanently at the end of 2015. Thank you to everyone that helped out.

Spiritual Classes

To help you grow and spread spiritual knowledge and virtues, we offer spiritual classes. We can learn more together. You are not required to take any classes in any certain order. The numbering system is mostly a guide that tells you which classes will make more sense if you take another class prior to that class. Spiritual classes at most spiritualist churches are also called lyceums.

  • General Spiritual Classes
    • Introduction to Spiritualism (SPIRIT 101)
    • Holidays Hidden Spiritual Meanings (SPIRIT 102)
    • What Happens When We Die? (SPIRIT 103)
    • Spiritual Tools (SPIRIT 111)
    • Animal Totems (SPIRIT 121)
    • Spirit Guides (SPIRIT 122)
    • Angels (SPIRIT 123)
    • Aura Basics (SPIRIT 131)
    • Chakra Basics (SPIRIT 141)
    • Advanced Chakras (SPIRIT 142)
    • What is your Spiritual Heritage? (SPIRIT 151)
    • Introduction to Green Living (SPIRIT 161)
    • Introduction to Gardening (SPIRIT 162)
    • Signs and Symbols (SPIRIT 171)
    • Astrology (SPIRIT 181)
    • Energy Theory (SPIRIT 191)
  • Numerology (NUM 101)
  • Mediumship Classes – Unfoldment
    • Mediumship Development (MES 101)
    • Improving Your Mediumship (MES 102)
    • Sixth Sense – Psychometry (MES 103)
  • Spiritual Healing
    • Spiritual Healing Basics (HEAL 101)
    • Crystals and Healing Stones (HEAL 102)
  • Meditation Classes
  • Feng Shui (SPIRIT 201)
  • Natural Law Classes
    • Natural Law (LAW 101)
    • Law of Attraction (LAW 201)
    • Manifesting Your Goals (LAW 202)

Contact us or call us with your name, contact details, and daytime telephone number. A minister will contact you to find out which class or classes interest you. We don't have a regular schedule so we can work around your schedule. There is no cost for these classes. All materials are provided by the generous donations to the church.