Alert: New Sunflower Church will be closing permanently at the end of 2015. Thank you to everyone that helped out.

Levels and Points

Point Levels

Novice0 — 99
Student100 — 249
Teacher's Pet250 — 499
Apprentice500 — 999
Guide1000 — 2499
Mentor2500 — 4999
Teacher5000 — 7499
Leader7500 — 9999
Scholar10000 — 14999
Professor15000 — 14999
Guru25000 — 44999
Master45000 — 69999
Mystic70000 — 99999
Shaman100000 — 249999

How to Get Points

TopicsJoin a conversation or start a new one by posting. You will receive 10 points for each topic you contribute to.10
Helpful PostsWhen your reply is helpful for someone else's question, you'll get a helpful post.25
How-tosWrite up what you've learned in a how-to. When it gets at least 5 up votes, you'll get points.100
ReferralsSpread the word about the meetup by referring people.250
SurveysHelp improve the meetup by completing polls on website. You'll earn points for every eligible survey that you complete.75
Attending a Meet-upMeet-up with locals to discuss metaphysical topics. You'll earn 100 points per meeting.100
WriterShare your story by writing a metaphysical article.250
VideoShare metaphysical information in a video and share it with the meetup.500
Unplugged panelistSpeak about what you know by participating on an Unplugged panel250
Online presenterShare what you know by presenting in an online webinar.500
Tradeshow BoothHelp spread the word by helping at a tradeshow booth.250
Vendor ReferralSpread the word to vendors. If they support our meetup, you get credit.1000
Manual Points CategorySometimes we run into issues where we have to manually update your score? this is one of them!25
Church PresentorShare your metaphysical Knowledge at New Sunflower Church on Sunday.150

More Meetup Information

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