Alert: New Sunflower Church will be closing permanently at the end of 2015. Thank you to everyone that helped out.

Is the Spiritualist Church Boring?

Spirit Messages


One of the biggest problems facing churches is a lot of people think, “Church is boring.” This was actually the number on complaint I saw in trying to find out why people don’t go to church.

The New Sunflower Church aims to change that. Let me tell you about last Sunday’s service. The message was the second key to Spiritualism and that key is Spirit Messages. Spirit Messages are messages from God, God’s helpers such as the Angels, and your past loved ones. You’ve probably heard that God works in mysterious ways. That is true. So, there are many ways he give messages.

The exciting part of last Sunday was a bean bag toss. Everyone had a chance to toss a bean bag at the target as they said one way they get Spirit Messages. This exercise was so exciting that I know I had some more ways I get Spirit messages when it was over.

Here’s just a few ways you get Spirit messages: In the clouds and nature, through wisdom (like Solomon in the Bible), infused knowledge, through dreams, past loved ones come to you, Spirit guides help you, through song and Worship, through meditation, through reading (once you get your mind going, Spirit will add important information), through others, and I’m sure many more (Add your in the comments below).

Speaking of Spirit messages, what really makes the Spiritualist church exciting is the Spirit Communion Service at the end. This is when the mediums in the church go to each person in the church and give them something to think about for the week. This gives Spiritualists an advantage because it’s like a mini-sermonette just for you in the time when you need it. It’s also the thing that I looked forward to the most when I started attending a Spiritualist Church. It’s amazing how people you don’t know can tell you think about yourself and loved ones. It’s even more amazing when they tell you something that you didn’t know or something from the future that comes to pass.


Ryan grew up in a Baptist church. Throughout his high school years, he was heavily involved in youth group and leadership group at a Christian Missionary Alliance church. Ryan was pictured in his Junior yearbook with a Bible and a message about studying to be a preacher. Now, Ryan is Pastor/President, Minister, Certified Healer, and Certified Medium through New Sunflower Church. Ryan specializes in clairvoyance and tarot cards.

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