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Is the Law of Attraction Witchcraft?

Candle tied with string.

The Law of Attraction is a natural universal law. That means it is as constant as the Law of Gravity. You wouldn’t call the Law of Gravity witchcraft. The short answer is no, but there is a correlation between the Law of Attraction and witchcraft.

Most spells in witchcraft start with a ritual of some sort. This could be an incantation, candle lighting, potion, or other ritual. What the ritual does is put intent out into the universe. Then, someone practicing witchcraft will believe the spell will work.

The originator of the spell may also have an emotional response to the ritual and belief that it’ll come true. That emotional response will also work with the Law of Attraction. The stronger the emotional response, the faster the desired result will be attracted via the emotional guidance system. The emotional guidance system is your link to your higher self. When the emotion is positive, you are doing what your Higher Self would want you to do.

Witchcraft only provides some additional tools to work with the Law of Attraction. Lighting a certain color candle to attract something is easier for some people than an attraction session.

One final note, the Law of Attraction also teaches Allowance. We must allow those practicing witchcraft to do it. We will invite it into our experience by having strong emotions for or against it. Allowance is a step past tolerance. Allowance is letting them to live their lives without letting it into our experience.


Ryan grew up in a Baptist church. Throughout his high school years, he was heavily involved in youth group and leadership group at a Christian Missionary Alliance church. Ryan was pictured in his Junior yearbook with a Bible and a message about studying to be a preacher. Now, Ryan is Pastor/President, Minister, Certified Healer, and Certified Medium through New Sunflower Church. Ryan specializes in clairvoyance and tarot cards.

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