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How to Write Great Affirmations

Scribble Pencil

Great affirmations are positive, present tense, sentences that inspire a strong belief. Under the Law of Attraction, once you believe, you receive.


Affirmations have to always be positive. I was reading a book last night that was doing it wrong. That book inspired this post. If you write an affirmation like, “I banish all disease from my body.” You have the negative word disease in the affirmation. You are still attracting disease through the law of attraction. A better affirmation would be to turn disease around to health. “Every cell of my body is better every day.” Notice the word better here. Even a healthy cell can get better.


Affirmations should be in the present tense. The universe is so obedient that if you make an affirmation in the future, it will always be in the future. Here is an example of a future affirmation: “I am going to be rich.” That affirmation is always in the future. It shows a lack of belief that you will be rich because it is in the future. You want to bring that into the present. Personally I use, “I live a life of abundance.” This helps you believe that you are living it now.

A word of caution on the “life of abundance” affirmation. I lost a card game where low score wins horribly one time. Abundant points did not serve me well there. A better money affirmation would be, “Money comes to me easily and often from multiple sources.”

Power Wall

Feng Shui teaches us that the first wall that we see in our bedroom in the morning holds great power. To give your affirmation more power, write your affirmation and hang it on that wall. If you paint, put yourself in the scene you want to be in and hang it on that wall. You could also hang a portrait of yourself doing what you want to continue doing. Then energy of seeing these things every morning when you first wake up will help you attract your desires.

Singing Affirmations

You can also sing affirmations. When you sing, you put your heart into it. Emotion has always been the catalyst that makes the Law of Attraction go full steam ahead.


An incantation is simply a spoken affirmation. The power of the Law of Attraction flows from your thoughts, to your words, to your actions. Speaking an affirmation is one step above thinking it all the time. Putting words behind it is more powerful and helps you believe it more. Speak your affirmations.


While affirmations and Incantations are thought and spoken many times, decrees are spoken only once. That is strong belief if you can say it only once and believe it will happen.


There are many tools for affirmations. However, if you are not keeping them positive and in the present, you are selling your affirmation short. You affirmation may never come if it is in the future and it may attract the wrong thing if you don’t keep it positive. If you have any good affirmations, please leave them in the comments. If you would like to ask if an affirmation is “great”, ask in the comments below.


Ryan grew up in a Baptist church. Throughout his high school years, he was heavily involved in youth group and leadership group at a Christian Missionary Alliance church. Ryan was pictured in his Junior yearbook with a Bible and a message about studying to be a preacher. Now, Ryan is Pastor/President, Minister, Certified Healer, and Certified Medium through New Sunflower Church. Ryan specializes in clairvoyance and tarot cards.

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