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History of Spiritualism

as far back as 3260 BCE

Records have been found showing that Egyptians and many other cultures knew of life in the world of spirit. People that have been found to be sensitive to spirit communication have been called by many names over time: shamans, sorcerers, witch doctors, mages, medicine men, gypsies, priests, oracles, and prophets.



A murdered pedlar, Charles B. Rosna, communicated to the teenage Fox Sisters in Hydesville, New York.

March 31

Three committees investigated the raps at Corinthian Hall in November 1849 and failed to find evidence of trickery.
A physicist and chemist named William Crookes heard the raps while Kate was fainted, on multiple surfaces, and with her hands and feet held.
Fox sisters did table tipping. A minister confirmed nothing mechanical or off about table.

American Society of Psychical Research Founded.

Shekinah renamed to Spiritualism.

Spiritualist Camps began to spring up all over the country.

At the New York Academy of Music, Margaret Fox appeared publicly with Kate present. Before an audience of 2000, Margaret demonstrated producing raps audible throughout the theater. October 21, 1888. Spiritualism continued in spite of the confession.

Margaret Fox recanted the confession citing powerful Catholics as the cause. Nov 1889.

National Spiritualist Association was formed to encourage creation of temples, lecture halls, and publications.

N.S.A.C. Bureau of Lyceums (Training School) organized and incorporated in Mantua, OH.

Sunflower Club established to encourage an interest in Spiritualism by young people.

September 29, 1903 Moses Hull opened Morris Pratt Institute. MPI began training Spiritualist workers. Moses Hull took over the dream after Morris Pratt passed away in December 1902.



Elsie Wright(16) and cousin Frances Griffiths(10) captured photos of fairies in their garden.


At first the photos were inspected by experts and it was determined that the photographs and negatives had not been tampered with. It was later revealed that the teenage girls used cardboard cutouts of hand drawn fairies. Actual experts on fairies claim that fairies don't look like those in the photographs. Actual fairies look more like insects. For more information, see the 1997 movie "FairyTale:A True Story."

The National Spiritualist began Publication. Dr. George B. Warne was the first editor of The National Spiritualist.

Granite Obelisk dedicated in Rochester, New York as a result of worldwide donations to the memory of the Fox Family.

Organization of The National Spiritualist Teachers Club.

“International Spiritualism” adopts Sunflower as Official Badge.

NST Club erects Wishing Well at Lily Dale.

48 of the worlds nations recognize Spiritualism as a religion.

Sunflower Banner became the Official Flag of the N.S.A.C.

Here in Indianapolis, Summit Publication was established to print and publish all N.S.A.C. material.

Obelisk relocated to Spiritualist Memorial Park in Rochester, NY.


New Sunflower Church founded.

In searching for spiritual information. We found that many classes and mediums charge a fee for spiritual information that could make our lives better. New Sunflower Church was founded to share spiritual information for free.

FoundedSeptember 2012