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Yes, Christ was a very Spiritual person who did many loving and healing acts. We share a belief in loving and healing. Our denomination is Spiritualist. See also Are Spiritualists Christians?

You'll need Spiritual Cleansing followed by Spiritual Protection. But, not so fast. Is the spirit good or evil? Is it floating about the ground, which would indicate more of a spirit. Spirits have a better energy than ghosts.

No, the definition of a pagan is one who believes in multiple gods. We believe in one God. We believe in the Holy Trinity: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit may also be likened to Mother God. We believe we can communicate with the spiritual world through Spiritual Gifts. The angels, guides, and other spirits of the spirit world are not considered gods. They are merely angels and spirits on the other side.

Not always but they average about 70% accuracy. There are many factors to consider. Spirits have to lower their vibration and mediums have to raise their vibration to communicate. Yet, the veil still causes distortion. The second issue is that spirits often communicate in metaphors, riddles, and stories. Much like the stories of mediumship in the Bible, they require some interpretation.

We encourage experimentation. As you learn new Spiritualist concepts, try them. Use your own logic and reason. This is one of the major things that sets Spiritualism apart. By encouraging you to use your logic and reason rather than trying to use your fear of hell, Spiritualism puts you back in the drivers seat.
Speak with local pastors. Take some of our classes. Study the Phenomena of Spiritualism which demonstrates and proves its Philosophy.

Visit us for a Sunday service at 11 am. During spirit communion, our mediums will demonstrate these phenomena.

No, we follow God and use our God given Spiritual Gifts to honor God. Witchcraft seems to work on the Law of Attraction. A witch gives a spell, potion, or candle a purpose and then believes it will work. This attracts the vibration/results they desire.

Not really. We do not believe in the hellfire and brimstone of the old ways. We believe that hell is the state of being ignorant of God. Being in the darkness, ie lost, as a result of being out of the light of the Lord. When the Bible speaks of hell it is speaking of this state of mind. When the Bible speaks of the Devil it is speaking of ignorance.
When we die our soul leaves our body and we return to the spirit world on the other side of the veil. Therefore, we should not fear death and/or hell as we all go to "Heaven".

No, even the least educated are way ahead of those a century ago. 1 Corinthians 12:7 teaches us that the Holy Spirit gives each one of us manifestations, meaning spiritual gifts.
No, in fact it has been shown that meditation is beneficial to our health.

No, There is no such thing as evil spirits. We do use spiritual protection because there are spirits who have lived bad lives and do not know they are dead. So, they continue to carry the negative energies of their previous life.

Yes, you must desire it, ask them for it, and be open to it. You can set limits around it too. Tell them to contact you between certain hours or leave the channel open all the time to get messages when you need them most.

Punishment is more of a man made concept. There is great incentive to do good because as we do good it raises our vibration and makes it easier to communicate with spirit. Another great incentive to do good is, we also reap what we sow.

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