Alert: New Sunflower Church will be closing permanently at the end of 2015. Thank you to everyone that helped out.

Building Use

New Sunflower Church Pews

The church has many blessings. One of the blessings is a adorable building. Our space is spiritually protected and available for your use. Use is free to members of the church. Non-members will not be able to use the building for special events. Official church services will always have priority over special use of the church facilities.


Reservations for use of the building may be by the hour or day, short-term or long-term. Our facilities are ideal for:

  • Small weddings
  • Wedding party pictures
  • Anniversaries
  • Small group
  • Study of the Bible or other Sacred text
  • Meditation group
  • Family gathering place before or after a funeral
  • Small conference/seminar/workshop
  • Small music recitals
  • Committee/staff meetings
  • Receptions/Parties
  • Lectures
  • and more…

For reservations and to check availability, please contact us at 317-426-9253.


We want to use our building in a way that spreads spiritual virtues and knowledge. A board member must be present during the use. Somebody has to be there to unlock the door, right?

  • No Smoking.
  • No controlled substances/drugs.
  • At least 2 adults must be present at all times when minors present.
  • Partisan political campaigns are prohibited.
  • For profit use prohibited.
  • Additional guidelines in the Building Use Policy. Building reservation requires review of The Building Use Policy.


Please consider joining us in keeping the building clean and Spiritually Protected.