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A Beginner’s Guide to Writing Letters to the Universe

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What is a letter to the universe
(and why should I write one)?

You may have heard people talk about writing a letter to the universe. Simply put, this is the practice of writing down your desires and requests and addressing them to the universe so they can manifest in your life. This fantastically simple technique can bring about real change in your life and allow you to live the life you’ve always dreamed of.

How and why does this technique work?

The universe has unlimited power. It has the power to grant us our wishes and help us realize our true potential. Our ancestors knew of and harnessed this gift, but in today’s modern society that knowledge is in danger of becoming lost.

Once our goals are focused and clarified in a letter and placed in the hands of the universe we quickly become in alignment with it. This very act of placing our faith in the universe, and asking it to fulfill our wishes allows them to manifest in amazing ways in our lives.

Writing your letter – the basics

Start your letter with a greeting and expression of gratitude. This paves the way for an alignment of positive energy, which is the first step in the fulfillment of our wishes.

Next, comes the body of the letter. In this part we should state our desires and gracefully ask for them to be received and accepted.

In the final stage of our letter we should sign off with a gesture of love, acknowledging the supreme power of the universe and our thankfulness we are a part of it.

Trust, expect, and believe in results!

Now we have written our letter all that is left is to trust, expect, and believe that the universe will answer our wishes! It’s a good idea to place the letter sealed in an envelope in a drawer or box reserved for the purpose. If the letter was typed on a computer, simply make a folder on your desktop and save the letter there.

So there you have it! Try this powerful technique, and ready yourself to reap wonderful rewards in your life. Please share your experiences in the comments section below.


Richard Rowlands is a freelance copywriter and blogger from the UK. He is a graduate of Sociology at the University of the West of England, and has a special interest in religion and spirituality.

Please follow him on twitter at @RowlandsWrites

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