Alert: New Sunflower Church will be closing permanently at the end of 2015. Thank you to everyone that helped out.

Month Archive: January 2013

Spiritualists are Christians because we believe in Christ. We believe much of the new testament. You can read about spiritual gifts in 1 Corinthians 12. These are teachings of Christ that we strongly believe in. One of my favorite passages is where John the Baptist says the he baptizes in water, but Jesus baptizes in… Read more »


Star Healing Meditation

As you close your eyes, all light fades away. Then sound fades away to silence. You are in outer space. Off in the distance you see a point of light. It’s no bigger than the head of a pin. Then, the point of light begins moving closer. It’s now about the size of a baseball…. Read more »

  Thoughts come out of your heart. [See also Mark 7:21] Thoughts are things. Thoughts become words and actions. Words and actions become other peoples thoughts. Rinse and Repeat. This is great for things like Sermons and positive thoughts. Positive high vibrations should spread. But for¬†negative¬†thoughts, the sooner you stop the “rinse & repeat” process,… Read more »