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15 Spiritual Things You Might Have In or Around Your House

Wind Chimes

1. Wind Chimes. Wind chimes are used to ward off evil. Think about how churches have bells and ring the before service. Wind chimes also promote relaxation and peace.

2. Gargoyle. Do you have a Gargoyle statue? Gargoyles are used to ward off evil also.

3. Fountain. A fountain represent the water element. In Feng Shui, the flowing water of the fountain causes positive energy flow as well.

4. Candles / Fire Pit. Spirits are drawn to a candle like a moth to a flame. You can light a candle as you say an affirmation or surround yourself with God’s white light as you light a candle. And then, what is a fire pit but a really big candle? These also represent the fire element.

5. Plants. Have you ever planted a seed and watch a plant grow. It’s a pretty spiritual experience. Plants are also good for wiping negative energy off your hands after a spiritual healing. Plants are used in Feng Shui and placed between sources of negative energy and your home almost as a source of protection.

6. Lighthouse. Monks used to man lighthouses to save lives by preventing ship wreaks. They also used their time near the spiritual ocean to study spiritual things. In modern times, a lighthouse can represent you shining the light of Jesus.

7. Pets. Cats are the protectors of the spirit. Has your cat ever stared at something when nothing is there? You ever notice how your cat is more active at night? I like how cat collars with bells help ward off evil from the cat. Just the act of the cat walking through the house with the bell jingling, helps to ward off evil all over your home. Dogs are protectors of the body. Have you ever heard of stories where a dog stayed with a dead body until emergency personnel arrived? Fish can be spiritual because of the water element similar to a fountain.

8. Dream Catcher & Arrow Heads. Some believe that dream catchers catch good dreams. Others believe they catch bad things and let good pass through the hole in the center. When the sun comes up, the bad things are cleansed and destroyed by the sun. An arrow head can be placed above the door to keep burglars from entering your home.

9. Angels and other Figurines. How many spiritual figurines do you have in your home? I’m betting that Angels are the most common. I also have a Buddha.

10. Jewelry & Jewelry Charms. Jewelry is loaded with symbolism. I recently looked through a charm bracelet book and you can get just about anything you can dream up for your charm bracelet. We are all told that are wedding rings represent never ending love.

11. Crystals & Gemstones. Each crystal has a meaning and purpose. You can use crystals for protect, healing, clarity, and much more. Get the crystals in tiny gemstones and you can have them in your jewelry.

12. Herbs & Sea Salt. Each herb has a meaning and purpose. You can place cinnamon sticks above your door for protection. The Egyptians used Cinnamon sticks to make an area holy. The Chinese used them to purify a temple. A Rosemary wreath can be placed on your door for protection. Sea salt can be used to cleanse your crystals. In Feng Shui, sea salt can be placed at window sills and doors, or the perimeter of your home to absorb and dissipate negative energy. Have you ever heard of a sea salt bath?

13. Incense. Incense can be used in protection and cleansing.

14. Mirrors. You can put up spiritual mirrors so that any psychic attacks are reflected back to their source. In Feng Shui, a Bagua Mirror is used to reflect negative energy back to it’s source. Mirrors are also used by those with the gift of scrying to look into alternate planes.

15. Sacred Text. Do you have a Bible? The bible is very spiritual. I encourage you to read the Bible and other sacred text. I’m continually amazed how relevant the Bible still is with a metaphysical interpretation.


Ryan grew up in a Baptist church. Throughout his high school years, he was heavily involved in youth group and leadership group at a Christian Missionary Alliance church. Ryan was pictured in his Junior yearbook with a Bible and a message about studying to be a preacher. Now, Ryan is Pastor/President, Minister, Certified Healer, and Certified Medium through New Sunflower Church. Ryan specializes in clairvoyance and tarot cards.

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  1. Deb Chaves

    I know when I had windchimes in my condominium it left me a lot more balanced. I also had very good fortune.


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